2014 Spring Design Trends

  • 2014 Spring Design Trends

If you think spring cleaning is enough, you’re wrong. Recently so many have been asking us, ‘what are some easy ways to bring spring into my home?’ The list is endless, ranging in price and complexity. However two of the trendiest trends worth considering are incorporating the lovely shade of radiant orchid as well as incorporating polished brass. Warming up to this seasons ‘it’ colour is the easier, more cost effective option. Simple ways to incorporate this colour are through toss cushions, switching out the art on your gallery wall, reupholstering an old chair, or even a bouquet of flowers.


Incorporating polished brass into your home is another great way to brighten up for spring. Unlike radiant orchid, this design trend transitions much better into other seasons. Easy cost effective ways to bring this trend into your home is through flatware. Try switching out your old silver utensils for a new fabulous polished brass set. Another relatively easy way to incorporate this trend is through lighting. Whether it be a table lamp or hanging fixture, you are able to mold this design trend to your preferred taste. If you’re feeling bold, look to your kitchen hardware. Faucets, hood fans, and cabinet hardware are all going gold. We love this concept so much we used it in the kitchen of one of our luxury homes on Vancouver’s Westside, Arbutus.

To view the Arbutus kitchen, visit our Houzz.

Reisa Pollard

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